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Clarendon Home Care was founded by Jackie Jones in 1994. She drew on her years of experience as a home care worker and later as a care manager at local council level to envision a company that not only provides care and support to the elderly, but does so with the firm belief that care is never as effective as when it’s happening at home.

Originally operating from her front her room during the day to organise rotas and draw up care plans, Jackie routinely sacrificed her own family life in the evenings and at weekends in order to go out and care for people. Working unsociable hours as well as looking after a husband and three kids, Jackie juggled her passion for helping others with the business strategy it took to build Clarendon from a small start-up into the successful brand it has become today.

While many people who set up care companies like ours might think they know what it takes to look after real people and may even feel they can empathise with the life of care workers, Jackie has really lived it. She’s done the day-to-day work on the front lines and she’s been there when vulnerable people need her most. It was her passion that set Clarendon apart back in the mid-nineties and it’s what continues to make us stand out from the pack even now.

Because our company was started by somebody like Jackie, we know how to match carers with people in a way that promotes genuine companionship and friendship and we know how to find the right carer to give you the support and companionship you need.

The finest live-in care available for Surrey and South-West London, from our family to yours.


A message from our Founder

“Care homes have improved a lot since I was a care worker but just as I did then, I still feel that people are happier and better at home. It always saddened me to see how the people I was looking after seemed to shrink in a care home environment when I had seen them flourishing in their own four walls just a short time before.”

“With Clarendon it was my vision that we would treat each person with dignity and respect and that we would do our best to fit around their needs, hobbies, and routines. I wanted to help wherever we could and be honest and up front when we couldn’t.”

“I also wanted to create a place where carers could feel like part of something bigger and would be given the respect and rewards they deserve for the amazing job they do.”



Why choose Clarendon Live-In Care?

We’re family-owned, family-run and we’re free of corporate investors. We’ve been fiercely independent since 1994 and we’re staying that way.

Unlike the big business care companies with franchises across the UK, we’ll never be in danger of over-stretching ourselves and jeopardising the continuous and reliable provision of care to the people we look after. In short, you can count on us to always be here.

Our independence means we run things our way, giving you or your loved one far more flexibility to alter or amend your care plan as and when your needs begin to change. It also means more face time with real people and close personal relationships with our carers and our office staff. There are no call centres or hanging on the line, just the help you need when you need it.


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How can the Clarendon Live-In Care family help your family?

All live-in care starts with a conversation so that we can get to know more about you and your unique circumstances. Get in touch now with a member of our live-in care team and let us help you with the planning and cost of live-in care at home.

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