When the time came that Kingston Upon Thames resident Michael F could no longer cope at home, he and his son Greg decided that live-in care could be the right option for him. Michael had lost his wife Laura two years prior and she had been his main carer until she herself was diagnosed with cancer. It took a while for Michael to accept that he needed any help around the home at all, let alone a full-time live in carer.

“The idea of somebody other than my wife living in my house just didn’t seem right to me” says Michael now. “I remember I was finding every reason under the sun to delay meeting with the care company and was probably living in denial really.”

Greg contacted a number of care companies before finding Clarendon and he was clear from the start that his dad was hesitant to receive care of any sort. “I remember saying that Dad would view having a carer as some kind of defeat.” says Greg, “Even though the reality was that he was just naturally slowing down a bit and needed a little bit of support.”

Greg worked with the Clarendon Live-in Care team to approach Michael in ways he was likely to respond to. Greg remembers: “My dad lived locally to the Clarendon office, so the team there invited him in for coffee and a chat, after about an hour he was totally sold on giving things a go!”

Michael was eventually matched with long-time live in carer Yvette. She has been providing live in care for Kingston and Surrey clients for many years and finished her previous job just as Michael and Greg were ready to start considering a live in carer at home.

“It was a bit tentative at first” says Michael “but after a few days were were getting on really well and it was like she was already part of the furniture. She has her own room and shower and is always very busy but she stops for a chat a few times a day and is always there when I need her. She likes a game of cards too, I think that was the thing that sealed the deal!”

For Michael’s son Greg, the decision to choose live in care for dad was one he certainly doesn’t regret. “They are like naughty kids at times, laughing and messing around, it’s pretty sweet to see. To go from being completely reluctant to have care at home to the happy man he is today, it’s a marvel really. I can’t thank Yvette and the Clarendon team enough for all they’ve done for me and my family. The reassurance and peace of mind that me and my sisters have now is amazing.”

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