When Covid-19 hit the UK in the Spring of this year, one care worker was out doing the rounds who many of our clients might not have expected to see back in the black tunic of Clarendon Home Care: Jackie Jones, who founded the company way back 1994.

As well as helping to plan Clarendon’s response to coronavirus from the office, Jackie has been regularly going out to do hands-on care work and meet with clients and carers on the front line.

Jackie began her career in care as a home help back in the 1980s and started Clarendon Home Care to assist as many people as she could live independently at home for as long as possible. While the pandemic has presented all sorts of new challenges to the care sector, it has also been an opportunity for Jackie to go back to her roots:

“It’s been a real eye-opener to visit service users again and to get my gloves on and get stuck in. I have to say, the circumstances of the pandemic aside, I’ve really loved every single minute of it.”

“I didn’t tell service users who I was until recently, mainly because I don’t think I’m all that important so as to announce my arrival! I was so glad I didn’t, though, because it meant they acted naturally towards me, and I could be relaxed with them too and concentrate on their needs rather than answer questions about the wider subject of the virus and how it will affect the work we do. It was nice to park all the big questions for a while and worry about what somebody was having for lunch or whether they’d had their medication!”

“Getting back to care work has been a real joy and has certainly helped me through these difficult times, but more than that, it’s reminded me of the amazing work out carers do, day in and day out. We have an amazing live-in care service which I’m immensely proud of, and our home care service, under extreme pressure currently, is still doing brilliantly also. There are things we can improve, of course, but I think the first step towards that is getting out and seeing how things are working for myself.”