Our Live-in Care Goal

Our goal at Clarendon Live-in care is to provide assurance to families around the UK by linking them together with long-term, personalised live-in care at home of the very highest quality. And it all starts with the right live-in carer.

We know that every client and every family have a different story to tell about how they came to discover live-in care and the way it works for them.

Here is Elizabeth and her daughter Isabelle’s story, a journey unique to them that led them to find Patience, the Clarendon live-in carer that has been part of their family now for over three years.

Elizabeth’s Journey to Live-in Care

Elizabeth grew up in North London where she worked as a bar maid and made the move to Cobham in Surrey in the 1980s to live with her then husband Tom. They had five children, two boys and three girls, and they lived happily for many years as a solid unit that enjoyed all the highs and lows of family life together. Tom passed away in 2007 and slowly the kids began their own journeys, the eldest boy re-settling in Perth, Australia and daughter Isabelle becoming a solicitor based in Central London.

When Elizabeth’s health began to decline over the past few years, Isabelle knew that her mother would be reluctant to receive care. Visiting home care never seemed to work out and Mum wouldn’t entertain the idea of a care home. Even so, Elizabeth was becoming increasingly worried about being at home alone and had begun to struggle with everyday tasks, to the point where she no longer seemed to enjoy socialising with her friends or her hobby as a keen wildlife photographer.

After she and her siblings had tried what felt like everything to get some care for Mum, finally a friend mentioned live-in care to her. She didn’t understand what live-in care was until she found Clarendon and they set about explaining what the service entailed and matching her mum with the perfect carer. Elizabeth didn’t have a big house but she did have a spare room for a carer so agreed, though she was doubtful, to try the service out.

The first carer wasn’t right for Elizabeth who was suspicious of carers and very reluctant to be seen as an old lady or to receive any kind of assistance. It looked like things might not work out until Elizabeth met Patience who brought with her all the gentle kindness her name suggests and was able to slowly gain the trust of Elizabeth and her family.

Peace of Mind with Live-in Care

Patience has been living with Elizabeth since February 2019 and has supported her throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, staying with her during lock-down and providing constant support and companionship for Elizabeth and total peace of mind for the children and grandchildren that were unable to visit during those long and uncertain months.

Isabelle and her siblings describe Patience as “an inspiration” and say that, while at first they were uncertain she and their mum would click, the two are now firm friends and often bicker and laugh like an old married couple! For her part, Patience enjoys being able to care professionally for somebody that she has now come to form a very close bond with and she is determined to make sure that Elizabeth stays in the comfort of her own home, connected to her routines, hobbies, roots and memories for as long as she is able.

Live-in Care for you

If you know somebody that could benefit from a live-in carer like Patience, matched to their preferences and specific needs, see how Clarendon Live-in Care can help your family here or speak to one of our team on 0208 349 7722.