Care workers from Surrey-based home care company Clarendon Home Care became life savers this weekend after three employees were directly involved in providing emergency first aid to two stricken service users.

Saving a life in Egham

Jeronimo Cruz and Magda Przybyl had just provided care for a service user in the Egham area when they noticed he had become unresponsive. The quick-thinking duo immediately pressed the service user’s care alarm but after receiving no response called 999 and were directed by the operator to pull the service user to the floor and commence CPR.

Jeronimo and Magda carried on until the paramedics arrived to take over. They then assisted the paramedics to get the service user into the ambulance and on the way to hospital!

The pair visited the Clarendon offices shortly after the incident to receive a well deserved commendation and some small gifts to recognise their amazing work.

Jeronimo said at the time that,

I am always going to do do my best to provide safe care to service users”

While Magda commended her partner on the night, saying that

“Jeronimo was the big star, he did a great job.”

Meanwhile in Elmbridge

Meanwhile over in the Elmbridge area on the very same weekend, Clarendon Home Care senior care assistant Mandy Gosling also reacted with cool, calm professionalism in the face of an emergency situation.

Mandy entered a service user’s home after not getting a response from ringing the front door bell and found him unconscious, barely breathing on his bed. Quick-thinking Mandy hurriedly called 999 and, using previous knowledge as well as the operator’s guidance, performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. Mandy carried on CPR whilst the paramedics worked with the service user and got him into the ambulance and on his way to hospital!

Mandy collected some flowers, gifts and a certificate as a small token thanks for the way she responded in a time of dire need.

What did Clarendon Home Care’s director have to say

Clarendon Home Care director Martyn Jones said of the trio of life savers:

“It’s just another example of why care workers are such a vital presence in the community and why companies like ours exist, to assist vulnerable people that perhaps don’t have the support network to raise the alarm when the worst occurs.”

Martyn added:

“Most of all though it’s a testament to the sort of people we recruit and to the amazingly kind and caring people that Jeronimo, Magda, Mandy and all of our care workers truly are. They went over and above what anyone could have expected of them and we’re all so immensely proud of all three of them.”