Loneliness is a huge issue in the UK, especially amongst our elderly relatives. Loneliness has been associated with mental and physical issues. This post will outline some of the ways you and our team can help your loved ones combat loneliness.

How our carers help overcome loneliness

At Clarendon, we strongly believe that loneliness and isolation is a huge issue amongst elderly family members. This is why with all of our live-in care or home care services, we make sure to highlight how important meeting and talking with people regularly is on mental and physical health.

One of our live-in or home care assistants will visit you or your loved one as often as you need to support you. We give your loved one something to look forward to and a friend or companion to help with daily activities, many of which are crucial to their wellbeing and happiness. We aim to make you or your loved ones feel as though we are part of their family. We want them to be at ease in our presence to enable them to live as independently as possible.

For every family, we provide a carer that fits within your day to day life seamlessly. Our carers will enable you to join in with your hobbies and interests, whether your interests are gardening, golf or puzzles. It’s important to us that we not only care about your needs, like cooking or taking you to appointments, we know it’s also important to have someone you can bond with.

A one-to-one professional carer at home

Our Live-in care service is designed to be an affordable and stress-free way of caring for you whilst complementing your way of life. We support your or your elderly relatives, daily routines, and how you want to live in your own home.

As well as personal care, safety, help in the home or building your confidence at home, we can also help you with, or do for you, activities such as:

  • Walking your dog
  • Taking you to appointments, such as a doctor, dental or hospital appointment
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Taking you on leisure activities, such as walks or to exercise groups
  • Enjoying a chat over a cup of tea
  • Providing you with companionship whilst you do your crafts or hobbies
  • Taking you to services, such a church or a mosque
  • Transportation, whether that travelling with you on public transport or driving you
  • Help using technology at home, such as your mobile phone, TV remote control or computer
  • Helping you paying bills and understanding financial documents

At Clarendon live-in care, we have a comprehensive understanding of the daily challenges living with loneliness can present. As a trusted and well-respected provider of live-in care services, you can depend on us to deliver with compassion, dignity, and care.

We’re Here to Help

If you’d like to chat with a member of our team about the different live-in care services we provide, please call us on 0208 439 7722, or if you would prefer to e-mail us, please contact us at enquiries@clarendonliveincare.co.uk.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.