Happy Christmas Everybody!

With just two days to go before Christmas Day, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your for all your hard work this year, a year like none we’ve ever known. You’ve all been absolutely amazing.


From the first lockdown back in the Spring to the utter confusion of the last few weeks as government messages changed from week-to-week, you have all stuck solidly to your work and have gone over and above in your duties to make sure all of those we care for are kept safe and well.


Some people observing from the outside will never understand what it takes to keep a business like ours thriving for over twenty-five years;  the long hours and hard work you all put in, the difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made, the compromises we occasionally have to make just to ensure that everybody gets seen and is kept safe.


This year, with all its difficulties and obstacles, we’ve not always been perfect, but we’ve always done our very best to look after the people we care for and to help them live their lives in the place they choose to live it, in their own homes, surrounded by the things and people they love. You should all be extremely proud of the care you give to people. You truly are life-changers.


Next year looks set to be a difficult one for all of us and no doubt there will be many more challenges to face before the spectre of coronavirus retreats into the distance and we can get back to something like our normal lives and routines. In the meantime though, we want to say thank you one more time in 2020 to all our amazing employees, from the care staff out in the field to our exceptional office team. Whatever the New Year brings, we will face it as a team and we will continue our work; to care for people that need us in the best way possible.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our amazing carers and clients!